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Our mission at Little Rock Jams is to create a learning environment that will help all students, regardless of age or playing level, reach their musical goals! In addition to your lessons, Little Rock Jams offers regular jam sessions and workshops to enhance your learning experience and to provide you with opportunities to play with other musicians.

Private Lessons

Students meet weekly for a one-on-one lesson with their instructor. After your first lesson, your instructor will develop a learning path for you based on your musical goals and interests. Instructors stress music theory, technique, songwriting, creativity, transcribing and ear training to help develop your skills as a musician.


Have you ever wanted to write your own songs? If so, this class is for you! Classes are designed to strengthen your skills in lyric writing, song structure, creating melodies, performing and more. Critique sessions are built into the course to get feedback on your songs from instructors and classmates. We also schedule an intimate coffee house gig for you to perform your material at the end of the 8 week program.

Rock School (18 and Under)

Students on all instruments, Guitar/Bass/Drums, are placed in student bands and taught a set list of songs during their weekly private lessons. In addition to their private lesson, the students will meet weekly with their band for an hour rehearsal. The students will then promote their show and just like being in a real band, will get to play a gig at our studio! Rock School teaches the student how to learn and rehearse songs, band dynamics, performance skills and how to have a great time playing for friends and family!

Jam Sessions 

Our jam sessions are held regularly at the studio to offer students the opportunity to play with other musicians. Our jams are instructor led, meaning we use the jam as a teaching opportunity as well as a performance opportunity. We cover all styles of music, Blues, Rock, R&B, Funk, Country and even a jazz tune or two! So get out of your practice room at home and come play with us!

Worship Guitar

Our worship guitar class is designed for beginning – intermediate guitar students who wish to learn how to play traditional and contemporary worship songs. Emphasis will be placed on developing the ability to play and sing the songs for personal enjoyment or in small group/VBS/church camp settings.


We host regular workshops at Little Rock Jams covering topics we think will be of interest or benefit to the student. Past workshops have included Blues Soloing, Funk Rhythm Guitar, Jazz Comping, Instrument Care/Maintenance, Creating a Practice Routine that works for you, Modal Soloing and many more. Workshops are promoted in-house and on our social media.